Covid-19 protection at Jojo Therapy


I am at all times following Government Guidelines and those of my Governing Body. However, I would like to emphasise that all protection measures I have implemented, come from a place of love, care and safety for all of us at this challenging time. My promise to you is openness, transparency, compassion and understanding as we learn how to live and stay safe with this virus.
Contact time: I am advised to mitigate this, so I will be consulting with you before the appointment. This will be online or over the phone. I also have screening questions related to Covid-19 that I have to ask you. Please bring your own pen to sign the screening form, cheque signing etc.
Arrival: If you are early, please remain in your car until appointment time, I will be cleaning and ventilating. When you enter the building please remove outer clothing and shoes, placing them into the plastic box provided, together with your bag/phone/ keys etc. This will remain in the reception area and the box will be cleaned between appointments. After this, please wash your hands.
Face masks: I will be wearing a mask and visor whist treating you. I will ask you to to wear a mask whilst supine. I will offer you the choice of a free, clean, reusable mask or a disposable one for a cost of £1. Please bring a £1 coin if you prefer this option.
Ventilation: I am blessed with a large and airy therapy room which is easy to ventilate. I have also invested in an HEPA 0.3 air purifier, just to be extra safe! I will be ventilating the whole building for the statutory minimum of 20 mins to allow for full air exchange between clients. In this time I will also clean all surfaces (including handles/floor etc) in the therapy room, reception area and bathroom.
Toilet: You are more than welcome to use the toilet. I will be cleaning the toilet and tap between each client, and after my personal use. If you prefer, you can also wipe the tap and toilet yourself with the antiiviral wipes provided.
Water: Sadly I will no longer be offering water. Please bring your own bottle and have a good drink before and after the session.
Hygiene: This has always been an important part of my practice. I will be washing my hands frequently before/during and after your treatment. All couch covers, towels etc will be replaced with clean ones between clients (as always) and I will be changing into clean scrubs, mask and disinfecting my visor between each appointment. The couch, pillows, bolsters and floor will also be thoroughly cleaned between clients. I have cleared Asda’s shelves of fleece throws, so that you can all have your own clean blanket when the weather gets cooler. Before leaving the clinic I advise all clients to wash their hands and, as an extra precaution, to have a shower when they return home.
Health: If I, or anyone in my household, becomes unwell I shall close my clinic, this might be at short notice and I apologise in advance. Should you or anyone in your household become unwell, or if you develop a temperature in the 24 hours before your appointment, please cancel. I am waving all late cancellation charges. If you are flying into the UK please make an appointment 14 days after your return. I ask that you get in touch with me if you or anyone in your household develop symptoms of COVID within 7 days of your appointment, and if you develop a temperature within 24 hours after the appointment. Briefly, should this happen, I will close my clinic and check on clients I have seen before and after your appointment. In the event that any of us test positive, I may well be obliged to share up to 21 days of contact details with the local area Health Protection Team, to enable Track and Trace.
Working in Lockdown: As I am an Advanced Remedial Practitioner I am categorised as Healthcare. This means I can remain open for existing clients who are in pain and need my help, not that I can carry on as normal. If you are a new client who has been recommended to me, and you are in pain, you will need to ask a medical practitioner such as your GP, Midwife, Dentist or Physio to refer you to me. However, all this may change, depending on the latest advice from the local Public Health Team and Government Guidelines. If you need to see me in lockdown, please contact me for up to date information.
Risk Assessment: I have done a full risk assessment for Covid-19. Keeping us all safe whilst I continue to work, is my top priority!








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